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Microgreens are basically baby plants, harvested up to 14 days after germination, depending on variety.

Left to grow they would develop into the mature plant that bares the vegetables we are often more familiar with.


Why Microgreens?

How to Use Microgreens

One of the many things we love about microgreens is how easy it is to add them to almost any dish. No need to learn new recipes if you don't have time. Simply add them to the things you already enjoy, be that a home cooked meal or a takeout, and they'll enhance the texture, flavor and color of your meal, not to mention the nutritional value. The only prep required is a gentle rinse in water and a dry in either a salad spinner or clean dry dish cloth. Do this just before using them, as microgreens don't keep well in the fridge once exposed to moisture.

These days there is so much different, and often conflicting, advice about how to eat well that it’s easy to become overwhelmed and just give up on the idea, especially in the face of our already demanding and busy lives. But there’s one piece of advice that most experts actually agree on:


Regularly having leafy greens in your diet will do you the world of good.


Just the simple act of eating these on a regular basis will provide your body with a wealth of much needed vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Adding microgreens to your diet is a simple and easy way of doing just this. You don't even need to learn new recipes if you don’t want to!

These versatile greens can easily be added to dishes you already make.


Use either as a garnish, blended or stirred into sauces, tossed in with other ingredients towards the end of the cooking time or simply mixed in with other salad ingredients. A little goes a long way - they have up to 40 times the nutrients compared to the fully grown vegetable!


Our mission here at Easy Greens Urban Farm is to help people from all walks of life support their own health by eating more plants. We understand that in order to make lasting change things have to be easy and uncomplicated.


With a subscription service the microgreens simply show up each week on your doorstep, reminding you to enjoy them regularly throughout the week.


Subscribe to this simple act of self care and we will help you form a hugely valuable healthy eating habit.


Mix into a salad with your other favorite veggies


Add to the blender along with your other ingredients


Stir into any dish right at the end of cooking


Stuff inside a sandwich, burger, omelette or taco


Garnish a slice of avocado toast or add onto pizza

Help Yourself

. The fascinating thing about these mighty greens is that they contain 4 to 40 times more nutrition than their mature counterparts! Scientific studies have shown they help reduce your risk of heart disease, boost your immune system and may even help fight cancer. Find out more here.


Help Others

We believe tasty, nutritious whole foods should be readily available to all, regardless of income, which is why we donate surplus microgreens from each growing cycle to the Maplewood Community Fridge located on Springfield Ave.

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