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Easy Greens Urban Farm LLC

What does a musician, recovering Stay-At-Home-Mom, and urban farmer have in common? They are all part of the Easy Greens Urban Farm story! Business owner Shelley Gent trained as a professional cellist, then became a SAHM to 2 boys before finding the mental space to really contemplate what contribution she could make to help improve the lives of others and the sustainability of the planet. From this, Easy Greens Urban Farm was born to support a mission and vision that we think you'll agree is worth getting on board with.


Our mission is to help people from all walks of life support their own health by eating more plants. We understand that in order to make lasting change things have to be easy and uncomplicated, which is why we chose microgreens to take the starring role.


We believe tasty, nutritious whole foods should be readily available to all regardless of income, which is why 10% of every sale goes towards growing microgreens for local food banks and the Maplewood Community Fridge.


We love to care for people and the planet here at Easy Greens Urban Farm, and we know our supporters do too. That's why we put 10% of every sale towards growing microgreens for local food banks and the Maplewood community fridge, and we work hard to source and use environmentally friendly, sustainable materials and processes so we can support the future of food production.

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