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Eat more plants.

Weekly Microgreens Delivery Service


Why Subscribe?


Subscribe to this simple act of self care and we will help you easily form a hugely valuable healthy eating habit.

Pea microgreens

Our Microgreens


These substantial greens give wonderful texture and a slightly nutty flavor to many a dish.


If you enjoy the taste of sugar snap peas then you'll love these tasty greens. A tried and tested kid favorite.


These greens are not only stunning in color, they are full of flavor too, with a little spicy kick.


Don't be fooled by the delicate appearance and taste - these greens pack a powerful nutritional punch.

All our plants are lovingly grown using ORGANIC seeds, ORGANIC soil, water, light and nothing else!

Want to sample the varieties without any commitment? Get our Tiny Tastes box delivered to your door:

How It Works


Choose Your Container Size


Select Your Microgreens


Pick Your First

Delivery Day


Enjoy Your Tasty Greens!

We love the planet as much as we love people and plants so our subscription microgreens are delivered in returnable glassware. Simply leave the used container out with your cooler each week on delivery day and we’ll take it back, wash and sanitize it ready for the following week’s delivery.


Where We Deliver

We are currently offering subscriptions for delivery in the South Orange &  Maplewood areas of New Jersey.

Delivery is FREE and made direct from farm to door within 24 hours of harvesting, making these the freshest greens you can buy!

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